Roanoke College Lingo

The Bank: History Department in the building across from of West Hall

The Cave: the grab-and-go dining facility in Colket

The Quad: where Chi Omega, Delta Gamma and Phi Kappa Phi live

EC: Elizabeth Campus

The Rock: the cement obelisk on the back quad in front of Sections that is painted by students

Commons: the main dining hall

The Wreck: the student-run college radio station, WRKE

FOTQ (Fridays on the Quad): dinner on the back quad during the fall

CAR: the Caldwell, Allegheny, and Ritter residence halls

Sections: oldest residences hall on campus - Wells, Yonce and Fox Halls

OA: Outdoor Adventures

Bob's: Mac and Bob's

Doos: Macado's

Campo: Campus Safety

AC: Area Coordinator

Noke: Roanoke, as in "I'm going back to the 'Noke" (the Roanoke campus)

OMA: Office of Multicultural Affairs

Trex lab: the computer lab in Trexler Hall

LJS: Long John Silvers

B Dubs: Buffalo Wild Wings

El Rods: El Rodeo

The Dojo: Apartments above karate place on main street

Cha Cha's: The Craig Mart