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Academic Affairs

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Intensive Learning

details on general fees. See the listings for specific courses, whether travel or campus, to determine any fees. Are there scholarships to cover the extra costs of travel courses?  A limited number of scholarships are available for travel courses. The application for travel courses includes details on those scholarships. For 2022IL, about 35% of students got some scholarship aid. The average ... in the mail. Travel course fees are paid in two parts. A $300 deposit is due no later than December 1. The balance of the travel fee is due no later than February 1. Are travel scholarships available

Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars Would you rather flip hamburgers (or paint houses or mow lawns) or spend a summer on the Roanoke campus using your mind? Would you like to get a package worth more than $5,500 for feeding your curiosity?  Summer scholars are paid $3,000, receive summer housing (valued at $1,400), and a summer course credit. Roanoke's Summer Scholar Program is designed for serious students who want to use their summers wisely and work one-on-one with faculty . Every year, students compete for selection to receive one of the summer scholarships. Faculty from across the college review student