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External Funding

grant applications and proposals to private foundations and government agencies for new initiatives, curriculum revisions, scholarships, and other special college endeavors.

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks Harlan, KY Leave on October 18th to Harlan, Kentucky to work with the local community on environmental justice issues and housing.  Cost: $200 Trip leaders: Mackay Pierce and Claire Brooks  Columbia, SC Fall & Spring Break  -  Habitat for Humanity   Fall Break 2011 - Habitat for Humanity Sign up:  We travel to Columbia, SC on Oct 17 - 24th to work with Habitat for Humanity.   Cost:$150 (scholarships available), covers food, lodging, transportation Spaces: 18 students Sign up: Morehead Hall, Chaplain's Office St. Paul, VA Fall


Student Awards & Scholarships Michael J. Sandridge Award for Excellence: This award honors a student teacher who demonstrates the qualities exemplified by Michael J. Sandridge. The annual recipient will be an individual who sees the good in every student and approaches his or her teaching with joy, passion, and strength of spirit. 2021: Hadley Baker 2020: Matthew Clementoni 2019: Caroline Evans 2018: Alaina Thao Nguyen 2017: Alex Schmidt 2016: Laura Dodson 2015: Anna Merz 2014: Kaitlyn A. Bell 2013: Ryan C. Feather Mack Welford Award: This award recognizes


on to pursue careers in art education, public art, graphic design, advertising sales, Americorps, youth ministry and art galleries. Learn more .  Art Scholarships for new students available. Apply now!

Statement on Unrecognized Groups

Networking with national alumni chapters Guidance, programming, and training offered through national organization Attending leadership conferences Access to scholarships offered through national

Awards and Honors

of Athletic Training with scholarships assisting them with continuing their education in the field. The two organizations award undergraduate scholarships to undergraduate students who are currently pursuing ... for the scholarships. Each of the following awards are presented to a selected student at the end of their academic year that has met the required criteria for each award listed below. Jesse Lee and Mary Elizabeth ... shall not be a factor in granting these MAATA scholarships; also the award of assistance from other sourced to an MAATA nominee will not make the recipient ineligible for an MAATA award. The recipient