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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy and Applications Program

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy and Applications Credential Digital courses and the Digital Credential can help students  apply academic content  discover talents build job skills The credential in Digital Literacy and Applications is designed to complement any major at the College; completing courses in this credential will allow you to gain skills beneficial to living and working in a digital ... to Database Applications, DGTL 121 Introduction to Coding, DGTL 131 Using Statistical Software: SPSS, DGTL 132 Using Statistical Software: R, DGTL 133 Using Statistical Software: SAS, DGTL 141 Digital

Internship & Independent Study Applications

Internship and Independent Study Applications Sociology: Sociology Internship Application Sociology Independent Study Application Public Health Studies: Public Health Studies Independent Study Application Anthropology: Anthroplogy Internship Application

Intensive Learning

of on campus IL courses. If this is a hardship, contact Residence Life. Students may be able to arrange to stay on campus for a modest nightly fee. How do I sign up for a travel course?  Applications ... my IL requirement? Use one of the forms linked in the section above. Watch the deadlines and follow the directions carefully. Applications are due by April 15 for projects to be completed in May

Jobs @ Roanoke

contact Human Resources by phone 540-375-2455 or by email .  Staff Employment Application Procedures Staff vacancies are published and applications collected electronically through