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Eleanor G. Jones Marion College Scholarship

Eleanor G. Jones Marion College Scholarship The Eleanor Jones Scholarship shall be used to enhance the experiential learning opportunities of students in the fine arts via research, internships, service-learning, study away, and creative/artistic works. Income from this fund is awarded to students majoring in Fine Arts. Grant amounts vary, but typically range from $300-$600. Grants may be awarded to multiple students based upon quality of projects and applications received. For funding to be awarded, the student must be a declared major. The project must be completed by the semester

Spring 2017

MCSP Conversation Series Talks Spring 2017 All sessions will be in Massengill unless otherwise noted. Date & Time Speaker Title Intended Audience Tuesday, January 24 6:00 PM Dr. Margaret Rahmoeller Roanoke College "Introducing the Lie Algebra Representation Theory" Majors Thursday, January 26 6:00 PM Trexler 372 Ms. Fiona Knoll Clemson University "Coding and Its Applications" Majors Tuesday, January 31 5:00 PM Dr. Christian Millichap Linfield College "Knot Theory: Where Geometry and Topology Collide

Spring 2019

University Let's Get Personal with Your Data - Applications of Machine Learning and Ethics ALL Tues, April 16 6:00-7:00PM Dr. Hannah Robbins Roanoke College How Do

Job Listings

applications must be submitted electronically to Allstate. See details at SEAC scholarships . Exam Seminar : offers Seminar Series for various exams. Students will master

Courses in Engineering Science

applications.  (1) Lecture: 3 hrs./wk. Prerequisites: ENGS 192, PHTS 202, 270.   ENGS 330 Dynamics This course introduces principles of engineering dynamics, which elucidate applications of Newtonian principles.  This includes an introduction to kinetics of a system of particles subjected to uniform and non-uniform motion.  (1) Lecture: 3 hrs./wk. Prerequisites: ENGS 192

Virginia Program at Oxford

and literature before applying. Please contact Dr. Dana-Linn Whiteside with questions about the program including current program cost. Complete applications are due by February 15. An application

Spring 2022

Wed, Jan 26, 6-7PM (Trexler 372) Khaled Adjeri Engineering Applications in Fluids ALL Mon, Jan 24, 6-7PM (Trexler 372) Maha Elouni Engineering Applications in Traffic Flow ALL Wed, Feb 2, 5:45-6:45PM Dr. Adam McKay American Univ/NASA Goddard Comets: Tracers of Our Past ALL (Massengill

Environment Center Scholars Program

based on mutual interest determined from the applications.  Projects can be on a variety of topics that may or may not be tied to the Environment Center location. In the past students have worked ... will evaluate applications and match student interests with opportunities.   More Details?   The dates and amount of work per week will depend on the needs of the project and the faculty

Courses Fall '22

of modern logic, including proofs in propositional and predicate logic.  We will also look at the philosophy of logic and some of the applications of logic in philosophy and other areas. PHIL-255-A Modern

Proposal Tips

applications than they are able to honor with awards. If you are turned down, try to get comments, either verbally or in writing from a program officer. Then you can take a closer look at your project