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University : The Lilly Library invites applications for visiting fellowships for research in residence in its collections. Its holdings support research in British, French, and American literature ... competitive research fellowships and grants every year to scholars and students who wish to make use of the archival holdings of the John F. Kennedy Library and Museu. Grant applications ... , at least one of which hosts a participating overseas research center. Deadline: January Council for European Studies : Applications are invited for the Council for European Studies' 2014

Suggested Timeline

. Request letters of recommendation. Fourth-Year: Finish up any required pre-requisite courses for pharmacy school and your major. Complete secondary applications. Interview

Occupational Therapy Recommended Courses

Recommended Courses for Occupational Therapy School Pre-occupational therapy course recommendations from your health professions advisors. You can major in anything; pick something you are passionate about. By taking courses you love, you will earn better grades. While there is a core set of courses needed for applications to most occupational therapy programs, there is substantial variability in additional prerequisites. You should research the specific requirements and recommendations for your schools of interest. These courses are required by most occupational therapy schools

Biology Department Goals

: Structure and function are linked in all living things. II. Skills a. The ability to apply the process of science b. The ability to communicate biological concepts and their applications effectively c

Course Descriptions

and performance. Lecture: 4.5 hrs/wk. Prerequisite: THEA 212.    325 Lighting Design Lighting theory and basic electrical principles for stage applications, including drafting of light plots