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job ad

job ad VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSORS, ROANOKE COLLEGE - Applications are invited for two appointments starting August 2016.  These are full-time positions with benefits.  A Ph. D. in any field of chemistry or biochemistry is required.  Teaching duties will primarily be in general chemistry, non-majors courses (part of the Intellectual Inquiry curriculum), and lower division labs.  The teaching ... and members of under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply. Applications should be complete by January 29, 2016 for full consideration.  Applicants should send (print or electronic

Standardized Testing Information

Standardized Testing Information All Graduate and Professional School testing applications are now mostly available only online.  Preparation for Graduate Admissions Exams A Special Opportunity for Roanoke College students only! In cooperation with the Kaplan Center in Blacksburg, Roanoke College offers its students the opportunity to receive grants to pay for a portion of the preparation ... course are also available. WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING GRANT APPLICATIONS FOR 2013-14, AND ESPECIALLY FOR THE EARLY FALL LSAT AND GRE PREP COURSES! For more information, call Ms. McLawhorn at (540

Teaching Scholar Program

other responsibilities as deemed beneficial to the scholar and/or the college Application : Applications dates will generally be in the fall. In 2019, however, applications should be submitted on or before February 1 to be effective beginning the following June. Applications for the Faculty Teaching Scholars program should be submitted to the Director of Pedagogical Innovation (see details ... , in consultation with the RCTC advisory board, will review applications and make a recommendation to the Dean in time to notify applicants on or before April 1. Late applications are considered only

Sabbatical Proposals

) will be made available. Deadline for Applications : Sabbatical leave applications are due February 15. Evaluation of sabbatical leave proposals The following criteria are the Faculty Development

Summer Scholars

. The college's Faculty Development Committee screens applications. Decisions are announced by April 1. Project Requirements The Summer Scholar research period coincides with Summer Sessions I and II (June ... Summer Scholar applications and makes the final selection. The number of Summer Scholar awards depends on available annual funding; at the present time, thirteen awards are available. Student Summer Scholars are formally introduced to Roanoke College faculty, typically, at the last faculty meeting of the academic year. Criteria for evaluation of Student Summer Scholar applications include