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/Applications to the Tragedy of the Commons Social Dilemma," with Dr. Curt Camac, Psychology Megan Kathleen Drohan  "The Evolving Format of Manuscript Versus Printed Kingly Lineages (1470-1554)," with Dr


. The faculty members may want to discuss your plans with you. 8. Begin writing your personal statements which are required for the applications. Consult Not for Seniors Only! or Getting In for advice ... applications. Mail your applications in time to meet the deadlines. 3. Request that official transcripts be sent to all schools to which you are applying. 4. Check on the status of your letters

Application Tips

Tips on completing applications The psychology department holds a Graduate School Application Workshop each semester. Keep an eye out for flyers indicating when the next one will be scheduled. Below is a collection of documents and websites that can help you put together a top-notch application. Please contact the webmaster if any of these links need updating or if you come across a useful site that would improve this resource. Helpful Documents Reference Letter Checklist Cover Letter Guidelines Tips on Creating an Academic Vita Statement of Purpose Guidelines


Source Tracking: Methods, Applications, and Case Studies (Springer Publishers). Ms. Sarah Perkins, working with Dr. Lynn Talbot in Modern Languages on "El mundo desapercibido de las mujeres

Internship Requirements for Credit

of the nature of the work or the project, including interesting technicalities, problems encountered, and applications of course concepts to the work project. The journal is designed to be reflective

Residence Hall Living Information

Information About Residence Hall Living at Roanoke College Each hall: has either central air or an air conditioner-unit in each room is smoke-free is closed during all College breaks, except for Afton, Elizabeth hall, and Chalmers has free, unlimited Internet access has free laundry machines have formal and informal quiet hours. has housekeeping services that are provided for the buildings' common areas. are staffed by Resident Advisors, (applications for RA positions are available spring semester). has a kitchen Most halls: have vending and snack machines

Past Senior Theses

: Plato’s Political Philosophy and Its Applications to Contemporary Democracy Dr. Zorn Zachary Wright (Christian Studies) The Misuse of Martin Luther's Doctrine on Vocation: From Luther to Weber

RC Kaplan Grant Details

before the start date of the course section in which you would like to be enrolled (see schedules online at under the section for the exam of interest to you).  Submit applications to Office of Career Services. A faculty committee for each of the exam areas will review the applications.  Evaluation factors will be largely based on academic fit for the type of graduate program/schools

Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

in a preparation course for LSAT (offered fall semester each year). Most law schools require that applications be on file with the LSDAS. See

VA Program in Oxford

and literature before applying. Contact Dr. Mark Miller , chairperson of the Department of History, for all details including current program cost. Complete applications are due by February 15