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Past Senior Theses

: Plato’s Political Philosophy and Its Applications to Contemporary Democracy Dr. Zorn Zachary Wright (Christian Studies) The Misuse of Martin Luther's Doctrine on Vocation: From Luther to Weber

Curriculum Overview

Introductory Biology or Chemistry Sequence One course sequence from: BIOL 180/190 CHEM 111/112 CHEM 113 (which subs for both 111/112)   Ecological Theory or Applications Course

ISEP Exchange

to full-time students in good standing. Applications for ISEP programs are due February 1st for fall semester participation and August 24 for spring semester participation. The program is open to sophomores

VA Program in Oxford

and literature before applying. Contact Dr. Dana-Linn Whiteside for all details including current program cost. Complete applications are due by February 15. An application fee of $250 must

Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

in a preparation course for LSAT (offered fall semester each year). Most law schools require that applications be on file with the LSDAS. See


participants attended. There was an increased number of applications this year; we had to deny more than 80 applicants.   This year’s Institute attendees represented seven states: Florida, Illinois ... any past year, with an additional 80 applications denied. Ten school divisions and independent schools partnered with us to sponsor the event, providing another record high. The Institute continues


divisions, while in 2006 there were only 21 individuals in this group. On a positive note, applications submitted by individuals outside of sponsoring divisions experienced an increase. In 2005 ... for the partner school teachers. In addition to these efforts, an advertising postcard was mailed to all individuals listed in the MSCI database in February 2006, as a tool for increasing applications


hosted an internationally recognized keynote speaker, applications to that year’s institute offering were unusually high in number (119 total applicants, including 47 from sponsor schools). Of that applicant pool, 95 individuals were accepted for full-time participation. MSCI faculty anticipated a decrease in total applications for the 2004 institute, but maintained the goal of accepting 95 individuals, in order to keep full-time participant group size consistent with that of 2003. That goal was achieved. The numbers reported below reflect total applications for 2004 (including 47 from sponsor


of applications received for MSCI 2003 demonstrated a slight increase over 2002. The number reported here for 2003 does not include the 47 individuals who represented sponsor schools and divisions as full-time institute participants or the invited guests who attended Dr. Gardner’s June 23 addresses. 2000 2001 2002 2003 Applications 38 51 58 72 Forty-eight