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hosted an internationally recognized keynote speaker, applications to that year’s institute offering were unusually high in number (119 total applicants, including 47 from sponsor schools). Of that applicant pool, 95 individuals were accepted for full-time participation. MSCI faculty anticipated a decrease in total applications for the 2004 institute, but maintained the goal of accepting 95 individuals, in order to keep full-time participant group size consistent with that of 2003. That goal was achieved. The numbers reported below reflect total applications for 2004 (including 47 from sponsor


of applications received for MSCI 2003 demonstrated a slight increase over 2002. The number reported here for 2003 does not include the 47 individuals who represented sponsor schools and divisions as full-time institute participants or the invited guests who attended Dr. Gardner’s June 23 addresses. 2000 2001 2002 2003 Applications 38 51 58 72 Forty-eight


participated in MSCI 2002. The number of applications received for MSCI 2002 represented a slight increase over 2001 (see chart). 2000 2001 2002 No. of Applications 38 51 58


representatives from our local advisory council. Cumulatively, approximately eighty individuals participated in the 2001 Institute. In 2001, applications increased significantly, with the total number ... council, such as the Virginia Standards of Learning, faith and learning, and a session reflecting classroom applications of the 2000 institute theme. Participants were provided with a common text