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counted). Dates and Deadlines The Business and Economics faculty will decide on applications at the December departmental meeting (for Spring internships) and at the April departmental meeting (for Summer, and Fall internships). Deadlines for applications are December 1 for Spring/May terms, April 1 for Summer, and August 15, for Fall terms Internship Procedures It is the responsibility

Intellectual Inquiry Courses

.  A thorough investigation of one construct from humanistic psychology will be undertaken (involving an inquiry into reliability and validity studies, adequacy of support for proposed applications, and critiques

Summer Scholar FAQs

reviews the applications? A committee of faculty from different disciplines review the applications. Applicants should keep this audience in mind. Language should be accessible and understandable ... ? Example successful applications from the past are available from the Director of Undergraduate Research. If RC doesn't have a book that you need, use Interlibrary Loan.  Talk to your research librarian

Current Courses

tables, and truth trees.  We will also look at the philosophy of logic and some of the applications of logic in a variety of areas.  In the process, students will acquire the grounding in rigorous

May Terms

applications in that area from the Port of Charleston to the fun-filled Eco-tour and it's water adventure to one of the barrier islands. The course will conclude with a re-visit of local businesses

Biology Department Goals

: Structure and function are linked in all living things. II. Skills a. The ability to apply the process of science b. The ability to communicate biological concepts and their applications effectively c


proposal of goals and plans (applications are available from any sociology faculty member). SOCI, PHST, ANTH Internship Application Forms Submission of the internship application to the faculty

Student Assistants

Student Assistants The psychology faculty selects several students annually to be departmental assistants. Psychology majors who have at least a 2.5 GPA overall, and a 2.5 GPA in psychology may apply. Applications are taken in the spring for the summer term and regular term. Departmental assistants work 6 to 10 hours a week, with "on duty" hours arranged to accommodate the professors' and the assistants' class schedules. During duty hours, the assistant is available for assignments such as grading multiple-choice tests, running errands, and other miscellaneous tasks. In addition, routine


. Comments from recent interns "It was such a learning experience, not only through observation but also real hands-on. It was very useful in helping me learn about real applications

Course Descriptions

to be successfully prepared for handling upper-level physics courses. Topics are designed to elucidate applications in physics using vector analysis, coordinate systems, matrix methods, ordinary differential