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Staffing Support Specialist

upcoming job vacancies and post open positions on MaroonNet Screen applications and schedule interviews with selected candidates Extend job offers to chosen candidates and notify candidates declined

Academic Grants

Academic Grants The  Office of Academic Grants and Foundation Relations  exists to: aid Roanoke College faculty in the pursuit of grant funding for study and research; seek curricular, programmatic, capital and project funding for Roanoke College; manage external grant accounts to ensure compliance with applicable regulations; manage relationships with and seek funding from external foundations. We are here to assist both the College and its faculty with external grant proposals and funding applications. We offer funding searches, proposal editing, budget assistance

Salem VAMC and RC Research

of Undergraduate Research at   Applications are taken February 15 - February 28 for research starting in summer or the next academic year.  *NOTE* During the COVID-19 pandemic, this program is on hold.  Students interested in Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022 should email the Director of Undergrad Research to get on a mailing list for when applications become open


you know RC also offers a Digital Literacy and Applications Credential? Click Here for Details.

Internal Funding

through the Dean's office, please contact Susan Rambo , Coordinator of Academic Operations, Dean's Office. Applications need to be submitted by email as a single PDF to: .   The format for all applications except sabbatical leave is listed below: Application Information, centered:           Applicant's name and title      Type of application (e.g. Starter Grant

2023 Travel Courses

May 2023 Travel Courses Applications for May Term 2023 travel courses were due by the end of the day on Monday, October 3, 2022.  As of February 6, 2023, all courses are closed. We expect to open up applications for May Term 2024 travel courses on or around July 1, 2023. Note that more information about each of the courses, including dates, better fee estimates, advertising posters, and videos, will be posted as the summer goes on. We recommend waiting until September to apply.  Due to current inflation and increased fuel prices, current estimates for courses are higher than in past

External Funding

External Funding All applications for external funding must go through the office of Academic Grants and Foundation Relations. Roanoke College faculty members are encouraged to seek external funds ... to specific areas of research and interest assisting faculty in the preparation of competitive grant applications, by acting as liaison with funding agencies, providing editorial and budget assistance, reviewing for compliance with agency regulations and guidelines, securing authorizing signatures, typing, copying and mailing of applications publicizing awards and setting up accounting procedures

Application Forms

Application Forms Applications Form Applications will be reviewed upon receipt.

Computer Science Facilities

and client-server applications. Some of these students continue to administer and maintain the computer science departmental server and the departmental computer laboratory. They also learn to maintain ... and developing Web applications for laboratory reservations, online application for admission to the college, interlibrary loan requests, student teaching on the Web and alumni information. Some additional


About Information Technology Technology at Roanoke College Roanoke College provides cutting-edge technology to support and enhance living, learning, teaching, research, innovation, scholarship, productivity, business, and data management. Technology highlights: High-speed wi-fi in residence halls and throughout campus Cable TV Helpdesk offers consulting and repair services for students, faculty, and staff Fast virtual blade servers provide file storage, web applications, and RCRC (Roanoke College Remote Computing) for students, faculty, and staff Inquire online