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Prospective Students

Prospective Students Information for Prospective Students Admission to Roanoke Roanoke College welcomes applications from students from other countries.  We have a diverse international student body, typically representing about 30 countries each year.   To apply as a degree-seeking student, please follow the instructions in the  admissions information for international students .  There is an online application and you can find information about financial aid and how to acquire the F-1 student visa. For more details, please contact  Elise Bennett . Roanoke College also partners

Visa Process

will be mailed to you. Each consulate has its own procedures for processing visa applications. In general, the following will be required: Letter of admission from Roanoke College Form I-20

Policies for Faculty in Travel Courses

wishing to apply for any travel course submit an application to the Dean's Office September through November. The Gen Ed Director facilitates sending applications to faculty, providing checks

Job Listings

$3,000. Our organization continues to be highly motivated to increase the interest in students pursuing the actuarial profession. All applications must be submitted electronically to Allstate and all

Course Descriptions

majors to be successfully prepared for handling upper-level physics courses. Topics are designed to elucidate applications in physics using vector analysis, coordinate systems, matrix methods

Math Research

that can be distinguished ("colored"), with applications in scheduling and network analysis. David Taylor : games and gambling. The determination of optimal or near-optimal strategies for various games


of motion at a high economic cost as well as a high degree of subject interference from the suit that must be worn. This reduces the practicality for motion analysis applications outside

Spring 2019

Radford University Let's Get Personal with Your Data - Applications of Machine Learning and Ethics ALL Tues, April 16 6:00-7:00PM Dr. Hannah Robbins Roanoke College

Spring 2017

Spring 2017 MCSP Conversation Series Talks Spring 2017 All sessions will be in Massengill unless otherwise noted. Date & Time Speaker Title Intended Audience Tuesday, January 24 6:00 PM Dr. Margaret Rahmoeller Roanoke College "Introducing the Lie Algebra Representation Theory" Majors Thursday, January 26 6:00 PM Trexler 372 Ms. Fiona Knoll Clemson University "Coding and Its Applications" Majors Tuesday, January 31 5:00 PM Dr. Christian Millichap Linfield College "Knot Theory: Where Geometry and Topology

Spring 2016

Shende, Roanoke College "Applications of Supervised Learning Techniques on Undergraduate Admissions Data" Everyone Friday, April 22, 2016 @ 5:00 PM Dr. Jarrett Lancaster