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About & Policies

About & Policies Technology at Roanoke College Roanoke College provides cutting-edge technology to support and enhance living, learning, teaching, research, innovation, scholarship, productivity, business, and data management. Technology highlights: High-speed wi-fi in residence halls and throughout campus Cable TV Helpdesk offers consulting and repair services for students, faculty, and staff High-speed internet connection supports 2 gigabits per second Fast virtual blade servers provide file storage, web applications, and RCRC (Roanoke College Remote Computing

2022 Travel Courses

May 2022 Travel Courses We are now accepting applications for May 2022 Travel courses.  Can we have travel courses in May 2022 given the COVID pandemic? We hope so and anticipate that travel will be safe and allowed, but we still can't really predict what the world will be like in May 2022. The College will review the world pandemic situation in January of 2022 and, should a course need to be canceled at that time, all fees paid to the College for the course will be refunded (including the $300 deposit which is normally non-refundable). Note that more information about each

Application Forms

Application Forms Applications Form Applications will be reviewed upon receipt.

Experiential Learning

credit is received for successful completion of the project. Independent study research can lead to acceptance in off-campus programs, and are an important piece of graduate school applications. May

Computer Science Facilities

services, creating firewalls and client-server applications. Some of these students continue to administer and maintain the computer science departmental server and the departmental computer laboratory ... for processing Web forms and developing Web applications for laboratory reservations, online application for admission to the college, interlibrary loan requests, student teaching on the Web and alumni


Modern Language Forms Independent Study Contract Applications for Departmental Honors  French Minor Checklist French Major Checklist German Minor Checklist Spanish Minor Checklist Spanish Major Checklist Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration Checklist

Get Involved in Research

is a program for students to conduct research over the summer. Some of the benefits include free housing, a $3,000 stipend, and a course credit. See the Summer Scholars page for more details.  Applications ... in October or November the year before you wish to apply as applications are usually due in January or February.  Talk with your research advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Research for more details

Work Study Research Assistants

study eligible students can participate if they are a particularly good match for the position.  Those students are funded without a work-study award. Applications for WSRA Faculty can apply

Salem VAMC and RC Research

of Undergraduate Research at   Applications are taken February 15 - February 28 for research starting in summer or the next academic year.  *NOTE* During the COVID-19 pandemic, this program is on hold.  Students interested in Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022 should email the Director of Undergrad Research to get on a mailing list for when applications become open


in current social and technological issues. Applications for the program are welcomed from freshmen that who would like to begin the program as sophomores. For more information, contact Dr. Michael