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Summer Scholars

15. The college's Faculty Development Committee screens applications. Decisions are announced by April 1. Project Requirements The Summer Scholar research period coincides with Summer ... Committee screens Summer Scholar applications and makes the final selection. The number of Summer Scholar awards depends on available annual funding; at the present time, thirteen awards are available. Student Summer Scholars are formally introduced to Roanoke College faculty, typically, at the last faculty meeting of the academic year. Criteria for evaluation of Student Summer Scholar applications

Course Materials Development Grant

Course Materials Development Grant Course Materials Development Grant COURSE MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT GRANT PURPOSE AND SCOPE: Awards of up to $1,500 to fund the acquisition of specialized, permanent teaching materials for new courses or significant upgrades of existing courses. Applicants must demonstrate that these materials are essential to a course's instruction and that the proposed course represents a significant contribution to the College's curriculum. Applications must be accompanied by a Chair's endorsement which specifically indicates that the materials represent too much


, teaching related research, and professional retraining) will be made available. Deadline for Applications : Sabbatical leave applications are due February 15. Application Checklist

Internship Requirements for Credit

activities and c) a brief explanation of the nature of the work or the project, including interesting technicalities, problems encountered, and applications of course concepts to the work project. The journal

RC Kaplan Grant Details

).  Submit applications to Office of Career Services. A faculty committee for each of the exam areas will review the applications.  Evaluation factors will be largely based on academic fit for the type

Course Descriptions

interpretation and performance. Lecture: 4.5 hrs/wk. Prerequisite: THEA 212.    325 Lighting Design Lighting theory and basic electrical principles for stage applications, including drafting of light


applying for admission to the Athletic Training program must meet all criteria listed above. Applications for admission will be submitted during the third semester (fall term only) at Roanoke College

Suggested Timeline

with members of HPAG. Request letters of recommendation. Fourth-Year: Finish up any required pre-requisite courses for pharmacy school and your major. Complete secondary applications

Veterinary School

Veterinary School Preparing for Veterinarian Medicine Programs Pre-vet bullet points Pick a major:  While there are specific courses required to apply to most veterinary schools, you can major in anything; pick something you are passionate about.  By taking courses you love, you will earn better grades and be more competitive in your applications.  Click here to see courses required ... their applications early in the summer following their junior year.  Veterinary schools have a rolling admissions system.  The earlier they receive your application, the better your chances of getting

Occupational Therapy Recommended Courses

Occupational Therapy Recommended Courses Recommended Courses for Occupational Therapy School Pre-occupational therapy course recommendations from your health professions advisors. You can major in anything; pick something you are passionate about. By taking courses you love, you will earn better grades. While there is a core set of courses needed for applications to most occupational therapy programs, there is substantial variability in additional prerequisites. You should research the specific requirements and recommendations for your schools of interest. These courses are required