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Mobile Maroon Card FAQ

? Contact the Roanoke College Helpdesk at 540-375-2225. How do I change or recover my school login password? Instructions can be found online. Do I still need my physical Maroon Card ... participating program or department at Roanoke College, your credential will stay active and update accordingly.   Securing Your Account What should I do if I lose my card or device? Please ... Submission/Prep aration Once you have received your Roanoke College network username and password, please submit your photo to be displayed on your Maroon Card: Please review our photo

Bobby Hoye

in the area of reducing or reusing plastic containers. I want to surround myself with the best friends, faculty, and staff, so I can make the most of my time at Roanoke. Today I hope you ... Regional High School winter track, and spring track and field teams. He is part of the dual-degree engineering program through Roanoke College and Virginia Tech to earn degrees in both physics and environmental engineering. He plans to compete for Roanoke’s cross country and track and field squads. Q: How would you describe your senior year of high school

Meet the Biologists

am most interested in exploring in my research lab and classes.   Dr. Brooks Crozier , Professor of Biology B.S., Roanoke College M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Hear Brooks talk about his research on Academic Minute . My research interests have concentrated on the tracking of fecal bacteria ... and the number of species in an area impact ecosystem functions. You may have noticed that there seems to be some circularity in my description.    Although in academic writing, one might try to avoid