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Mobile Maroon Card FAQ

? Contact the Roanoke College Helpdesk at 540-375-2225. How do I change or recover my school login password? Instructions can be found online. Do I still need my physical Maroon Card ... participating program or department at Roanoke College, your credential will stay active and update accordingly.   Securing Your Account What should I do if I lose my card or device? Please ... Submission/Prep aration Once you have received your Roanoke College network username and password, please submit your photo to be displayed on your Maroon Card: Please review our photo

Faculty Research Interests

questions in community ecology.  My research program identifies the mechanisms controlling species composition and diversity using multi-factor, manipulative experiments.  Forests are great model ... following disturbance.  Consequently, simply identifying controlling mechanisms or ecological drivers may not be enough and be leading us to miss the forest for the trees.  My research identifies the relative effects of drivers and characterizes their interactions.  My goal is to develop conceptual models that more accurately depict forest dynamics and to use these models to develop effective management

Bobby Hoye

in the area of reducing or reusing plastic containers. I want to surround myself with the best friends, faculty, and staff, so I can make the most of my time at Roanoke. Today I hope you ... Regional High School winter track, and spring track and field teams. He is part of the dual-degree engineering program through Roanoke College and Virginia Tech to earn degrees in both physics and environmental engineering. He plans to compete for Roanoke’s cross country and track and field squads. Q: How would you describe your senior year of high school


May Term    Student perspectives ... on studying French at Roanoke College: "When I first came to Roanoke College, I didn't intend to study French as my second major--but after one ... the most transformative experience I’ve had to date. While I had experienced independence my first two years at Roanoke, living with a host family and navigating a metropolitan city such as Paris ... confidence like never before. After finishing my senior year back at Roanoke, I realized that my career goals had become clearer. I spent the year after graduation teaching English in Paris, where I

Student Accounts/ Cash Receipts

Student Accounts/ Cash Receipts Tuition & Fees Tuition and Fees for full-time and part-time students. Methods of Payment Accepted How to pay my tuition? E-Bill and E-Pay Informative Brochure Holds on Accounts Why should I clear my holds? Bookstore Credit Charging for books and supplies. Refunds of Credit What would happen to my balance if I overpay?  ( See COVID-19 FAQs ) Withdraw/Refund Policy What would happen to my financial aid if I were to withdraw from Roanoke College? Meal Plan Change Form Update meal plan based on current housing assignment


Audiences, Arts for Learning, Virginia; Dr. Jan Norman, national director of education, research and development, Young Audiences; Katherine Devine, visual artist; Kendall Payne, Roanoke Theatre artist ... Public Schools, Richmond City Public Schools, Roanoke City Public Schools, Roanoke County Public Schools, Salem City Public Schools Date: June 21-23, 2010 Participants The eleventh annual Margaret Sue Copenhaver Institute for Teaching and Learning was held June 21-23, 2010, on the Roanoke College campus. Tom Crockett, (former Executive Director, Young Audiences

Intensive Learning

from another college or a course taken abroad. I am not seeking a degree from Roanoke College, can I register for an IL course?   Unfortunately, no. These opportunities are limited to degree-seeking Roanoke College students.  I am a Roanoke graduate, can I register for an IL course?  Normally, no. Once you graduate, you are no longer a degree-seeking student. Seniors who have not yet ... in a subsequent year as well. Students must, however, pay tuition for the second unit of IL credit. See the college catalog for more details. Can I live on campus while taking my IL course? Yes. If you

A recent graduate’s story

A Recent Graduate's Story More than anything else, I would like to express my gratitude to Roanoke College's Sociology Department and its faculty. I graduated with a B.A. in Sociology in 2009 and now my academic career has taken me to Europe. I am completing an MPhil in sociology and political theory this year at Cardiff University. My classical doctorate will be obtained at Cardiff University ... there. Now go get your degree. Try to steer a few conferences a year while you're at it." The independent studies at Roanoke College with my supervisor (Dr. Meeta Mehrotra) were excellent practice; the shock

RIO Fellows and SAS-E

Study Abroad Student Emissary (SAS-E) Have you participated in a Roanoke College study abroad program?  Do you want to share your abroad experience with other Roanoke students?  Become SAS-E ... to continue writing, either in a professional capacity such as copywriting or working for a magazine, or in my free time as I pursue an alternative career path. I would also be interested in film/video ... with my friends! Every year, Ennis (a little town near Galway) hosts a traditional music festival, where people from all over come to play and listen to music. We roamed from pub to pub, soaking in all