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Future Students FAQs

Future Students FAQs Housing Selection How and when can I pick my room? Students will be able to choose their rooms during the week of July 6.  Housing selection happens completely online. You'll go to the housing portal at and log in with your Maroon ID and password.  You will be given a timeslot based on your date of deposit for when you can log on to choose a room.  More information will be sent to your Roanoke College email account, so make sure to check it when housing selection gets closer! Roommates Can I be roommates with someone I know? Our


show up on my transcript or any official record? Absolutely not . Visits to counseling are confidential and will not be revealed to the Registrar or other Roanoke College offices. Student Health ... are enrolled full time at Roanoke College are eligible to use our services. There is no charge. We recommend faculty and staff visit the College's Employee Assistance Plan to learn about options available ... . When should I use your services? Anytime! No concern is too big or too small. Isn't it better for me to try to solve problems on my own? You will still be solving your own problems