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, but also the endless surprises of Russian civilization. Roanoke's program offers a first step toward discovering the benefits of understanding this remarkable language and culture.   Why study Russian at Roanoke? On the bridge. Russia provides a bridge between eastern and western cultures and offers a fresh perspective on each. The genius of Russian writers, dancers, musicians, and artists ... a preferred language for many US government jobs. Samuel McKnight '20 has been awarded Roanoke College's first Critical Language Scholarship, which he will use to study the Russian Language

Interview Procedures and Advice

Guide to the HPAG Interview Many health professions schools, medical schools included, require or request a letter from a college pre-health advising committee. HPAG is the Roanoke College committee charged with writing these letters. To do so, and to give you practice for the interviews we hope you receive, all students requesting committee letters are asked to participate in an HPAG interview ... question designed to knock you off your foundation a bit. It is perfectly acceptable - ideal, even - to say "That's an interesting question. Let me take a second to think about my response." After all


Dual Degree Engineering - Requirements Dr. Matthew Fleenor , Coordinator, 540-375-2448 For students interested in entering engineering and allied professions, Roanoke College offers combined plan ... offers an attractive alternative to the highly structured, traditional engineering curricula. In the dual degree programs, students will complete all core requirements of Roanoke College ... course of study. In general, the following courses are required at Roanoke College: PHYSICS MAJOR: PHYS 201, 202, 203 370, one physics course 300-level or above, and one 400 level physics course

Resources for Students

Academic Integrity Resources for Students Important Roanoke College documents: Academic Integrity at Roanoke College  (the Academic Integrity handbook) Academic Integrity Council ... to My Students" by Bill Taylor (posted by the University of Michigan Library) "Living with Integrity" by Bob Barret "Time to be Honest About Cheating," by Jennifer Berenson, The Roanoke Times, August 22, 2013 Tutoring Guidelines Avoiding Plagiarism and Writing Well: Mythbusters:  The Truth about Quotations and Citations in Academic Papers Types


Research Why do research?  The Roanoke College Chemistry Department strongly encourages its Chemistry and Biochemistry majors to participate in undergraduate research projects. Such projects help you learn how classroom chemistry and biochemistry are used in a research setting, to learn the joys and frustrations of scientific research, and to participate in a close, cooperative fashion ... research projects) poster guidelines  (for posters on or off campus) How do I go to a meeting off campus to present my work? Many students who've worked a summer or several semesters are ready


as they are shaped by our past and as they influence social issues today. Why study anthropology at Roanoke? Ties across campus. The study of sociology, history, archeology, art history, religion ... There are many opportunities for firsthand learning in the anthropology concentration: Internships Service Learning Travel What's next? Keep learning. Roanoke's anthropology ... View program requirements What is anthropology? Anthropology and my Career Course Descriptions


Facilities "I loved going to class because my professors and fellow students made learning fun. Roanoke's small lab sizes and passionate professors allowed me to use many instruments hands-on, which made learning that much more interesting. If I had attended a different school, I do not know if I would have been as successful as a student, or had as much fun as I did at Roanoke." -Derrick Botkins, Roanoke College Class of 2006, Pharmacy Student at Virginia Commonwealth University Roanoke College has a variety of departmental facilities that many students interested in the health