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September to discuss academic integrity at Roanoke College.  While there is no set format for this session, the most immediate purpose of the session is for you to continue the conversation ...     Faculty 5    Faculty 6     Faculty 7 Talk about violations: why they are wrong and strategies to avoid them: use of an electronic device during a testing period--why can't I check my messages during a quiz? collaboration--how do you know what is allowable? why don't professors allow collaboration on all assignments? why shouldn't I "help" my friends by showing them my work? how can I say


are free and the form to request one is here . Do I have to buy / have a decal?   Yes!  Every student, faculty and staff member must have a current decal properly displayed to park on Roanoke ... checked the Motor Vehicle Policy and are parking in the appropriate lot. How long is my decal good for?   Decals are good for one academic year, beginning August 15 th  and ending August 14 th ... park wherever I want?   Unfortunately not!  The parking guidelines still apply even when there are no classes. Maroon ID My Maroon Card stopped working.  What do I do?   Call the Campus Safety


in a global community. Why study Spanish at Roanoke? It's your choice. Roanoke's Spanish program allows students to pursue a range of interests through interdisciplinary investigations ... in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Roanoke's Spanish program prepares students for an increasingly global future.   Mission Statement The mission of the Spanish program reflects ... extraordinary real-world experiences while developing their Spanish language skills. Learn more . I had a wonderful time in Merida! This was my first time traveling abroad and staying in one

Information for Parents of Students Charged with an AI Violation

that students are treated equitably and fairly across all Roanoke College courses. Will my Student Get a Fair Hearing? Yes. The purpose of holding a hearing rather than allowing individual professors ... of the Roanoke College community-faculty, student, or staff-to the hearing as an assistant. Neither parents nor lawyers are not permitted to attend hearings. How can I support my student? Encourage your ... . Will an Academic Integrity Violation Ruin my Student's Career at Roanoke College? While being found in violation of Academic Integrity is a stressful experience for students, our system is set up specifically