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Maroon Alerts FAQs

need to make the appropriate changes to your Maroon Alerts account to avoid an interruption in service. To modify or add your cell number on your RC account: Login to MyRoanoke and select Web

Technical Tracks

and deploy web based applications in the support of the college mission. Past projects have included: MyRoanoke Portal, Alumni/Family weekend registration, Admissions online applications, student course

Information for Parents of Incoming Students

  All students will be assigned a Roanoke College email address and password (which can be changed). This will give them access to MyRoanoke, a page located on main Roanoke College webpage, where

Required Immunization and Prematriculation Guidelines

information, it will be reviewed by our office. If there is, any missing or additional information required you would receive an email in your MyRoanoke account asking you log in to the student health

Methods of Payment Accepted

International Student Payments International students may pay in their MyRoanoke student portal if desired but Roanoke College also partners with Flywire (Peer Transfer) to offer students the ability