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Turnitin How to use Turnitin to monitor for plagiarism:   Setting up a Turnitin assignment in Inquire Getting all you can out of an Originality Report  The following guides produced by Turnitin demonstrate how to use Turnitin within Inquire courses (called "Moodle" in the guides).  The appearance of the courses may differ slightly from their appearance within myRoanoke. Instructor Guide Student Guide Short Videos Guides by Turnitin Ideas for using Turnitin to teach students how to avoid plagiarism:   Learning to paraphrase

Information on Computers

Information on Computers Basic Information Roanoke College provides resident students fast network and Internet access from all residence hall rooms through a wireless connection to our WiFi network.  We provide each student with personal storage and web space, Microsoft Exchange e-mail accounts and access to MyRoanoke (Roanoke College Portal). In addition, Roanoke College provides each student with an installation of Microsoft Office Professional. Why a Laptop? We recommend laptops because most students appreciate the mobility and convenience they provide. Their size allows them