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The Institute at Palazzo Rucellai

at the ISI Florence make the city their classroom. Cost Roanoke College students pay their tuition, fees and room to the College. Students are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Data Tables Financial Aid by Source Roanoke College Scholarships   Graphs Financial Aid by Source College Scholarship Expenditures Scholarships as a % of E&G Revenues Restricted Scholarships as % of Total Scholarships Avg. Scholarship per FTE Student as % of Tuition Financial Aid Recipients by Class

Summer Scholars

of the final report (deadline is September 15). On-campus housing . Summer Scholars are encouraged to live on campus. Board is not included in the housing award. Tuition-free course credit . Tuition is waived for one unit of independent study. Faculty Supervisor stipend . Faculty receive $500 for supervising a Student Summer Scholar. Honors credit . Students in the Honors Program

Deposit-Returning Students

seeking off campus status must pay the resident student deposit in order to proceed through the process for approval. If approved, the total deposit will be applied to tuition and fees when billed ... For returning students, the advance deposit is due on or before March 1st and will be refunded, in full for written cancellations received by June 15th. The advance deposit will be applied against the tuition

Withdrawal / Refund Policy

they move off campus.  For students who withdraw or separate from the College for any reason prior to the beginning of a term, a refund of all tuition, room, board, and fees paid will be made, less ... of the period of enrollment, a refund of tuition, room, board, and activity and technology fees will be calculated using calendar days and pro-rated based on the student's date of withdrawal.  Any

Refunds of Credit

Refunds of Credit Following the Add/Drop period of each semester, Roanoke College begins receiving student and parent loan funds. Those students who have overpaid the balance of tuition or have borrowed for living expenses will receive a refund of their credit. Refunds are not processed until there is a credit on the student account and are generally done back to the payer on the account if there have been cash payments.  Stafford loan credits are disbursed to the student and PLUS loan money is refunded back to the parent borrower. Request a Student Account Refund Due to Department

Universidad Publica de Navarra

can be found here . Cost This is a bilateral exchange of benefits between Roanoke College and UPNA, wherein RC students pay tuition and fees to Roanoke College and are responsible for the costs


as an email attachment to parents.  The college often hears about the needs of families today to have billing sent to more than one parent or third parties that might be helping with tuition.  Due to FERPA

Finances and Financial Aid

Finances and Financial Aid Roanoke College Exchanges Students who enroll in Roanoke College exchanges pay tuition, fees, and in most cases, room and board fees to Roanoke College. See individual ... at Oxford Special financial aid is available for this program. See Dr. Mark Miller for details. Policy on Beard and Bittle Scholarships for Study Abroad Beard Scholarships (tuition, room and board) can be applied: in full toward one or two terms on a Roanoke College international full exchange program (ISEP exchange, Kansai Gaidai University, University of East Anglia), Tuition only

Griffith University

Roanoke College students pay Roanoke College tuition and fees. Qualified Roanoke College students may request to have their financial aid applied to the cost of one semester of tuition for study