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Intensive Learning

before IL. They are August graduates completing their final college requirements in May or summer. Do IL courses have extra costs?   If you are a full-time student, the tuition cost of one IL course is covered by your regular full-time tuition for the year; no additional tuition is charged. Students who take travel courses pay all of the travel expenses. See the specific description of travel ... during May Term. Some students choose to enroll in a subsequent year as well. Students must, however, pay tuition for the second unit of IL credit. See the college catalog for more details. Can I

Maroon Card

ID card at Campus Safety. The Maroon Card is not to be used as a method of payment for full semester tuition or room and board.  Roanoke College reserves the right to limit or disallow acceptance

Student Accounts/ Cash Receipts

Student Accounts/ Cash Receipts Tuition & Fees Tuition and Fees for full-time and part-time students. Methods of Payment Accepted How to pay my tuition? E-Bill and E-Pay Informative Brochure Holds on Accounts Why should I clear my holds? Bookstore Credit Charging for books and supplies. Refunds of Credit What would happen to my balance if I overpay?  Withdraw/Refund Policy What would happen to my financial aid if I were to withdraw from Roanoke College? Meal Plan Change Form Update meal plan based on current housing assignment. Authorization Forms


Benefits Benefits Overview Roanoke College offers its employees a host of benefits including health care, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, tuition assistance, and a variety of other benefits. This site provides you with a brief description of the benefits package for eligible Roanoke College employees.  Core benefits (health, dental, and vision) are effective the first of the month ... Program. Other Employee Benefits Optional Term Life Insurance (including employee life, spouse life and dependent life insurance). Long Term Care Tuition Remission & Exchange


 Personnel Action Form Personnel Action Change Form Staff Performance Appraisal Staff Professional Development Request Tuition Remission Request Tuition Exchange Request Personnel