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Quick Facts

: Tuition: $45,200 Required fees: $1,670 for resident students OR $1,400 for nonresident students, + $150 for new student orientation Room and board: $14,580

Terms and Conditions

by the cardholder online. The Maroon Card is not to be used as a method of payment for full semester tuition, room and board.  Roanoke College reserves the right to limit or disallow acceptance ... Accounts.  Checks for Maroon Card should be separate from tuition payments.  Refunds   Cash withdrawals from the Maroon Card Account are not permitted. Refunds will be issued after

Awards, Paper Competitions and Scholarships

: Honorable James C. Turk '49 Endowed Scholarship: awards that can be applied toward tuition, to support students from Virginia with demonstrated financial need who intend to go to law school Turk Pre-Law

Get Involved in Research

Incentive Program allows for students who are not Summer Scholars to apply for reduced tuition summer research credit. Students who are working at the Salem VAMC over the summer receive free housing.  They may apply for reduced tuition summer research or internship credit as described above. 4) Off Campus Summer Opportunities Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs) - Science

Summer Research Incentive Program

Summer Research Incentive Program The Summer Research Incentive Program is part of the overall college Summer Experience Incentive Program. The Summer Experience Incentive Program provides reduced tuition for students who wish to enroll in individual, high-quality, experiential learning opportunities during the summer--internships, research, and creative projects.  Tuition for one unit ... Application Tuition Waiver for Financial Hardship Students that would have extreme financial hardship paying the reduced summer tuition can apply for a tuition waiver. Request for Tuition Waiver

Campus Facilities

the tuition needs of students," Nancy Mulheren said. "Without him, John could not have stayed in school." CHALMERS HALL Originally part of the Methodist Church property purchased by the College

Campus Services & Student Resources

for appropriate guidance, ext. 2303.  JOBS, PART-TIME & FULL-TIME Do you need money to help pay that tuition or to support your evening snacks?  Each year the Office of Career Services receives hundreds

Initiatives Across Campus

is automatically given with the sale. Business Office: Payroll is utilizing online advices for faculty/staff payroll rather than paper. E-Commerce for parents to pay tuition bills online began last