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Center for Economic Freedom

Center for Economic Freedom

Inspired by Milton Friedman and his passion for freedom of markets and individual choice, the Center for Economic Freedom has the following mission and goals:

The role of economic freedom in encouraging prosperity and growth is a long-debated principle. The mission of the Center for Economic Freedom at Roanoke College is to explore this principle with the Roanoke College community in a liberal arts setting. Through reading, writing, discussion, and lecture we seek to examine the classically liberal knowledge base and develop the critical thinking and communication skills to share findings effectively with others.

To those ends our program goals are:

  • Promote an environment of educated discourse and discovery
  • Explore the role of economic freedom and individual rights in prosperous societies
  • Motivate students to actively seek opportunities in classically liberal minded scholarship and service
  • Develop a network of alumni and friends that remain active in the Center for Economic Freedom
    • Undergraduate Economics Reading Group
    • Speaker Series
    • Undergraduate Research Assistantship
    • Undergraduate Economic Freedom Group
    • Undergraduate Seminar Travel Fund
    • Milton Friedman Remembrance Day
    • Economic Freedom Library
    • Faculty Reading Group

      Interested in learning more about the Center for Economic Freedom? Contact Alice Kassens, center director, at or follow the center on Facebook and Instagram.