Maroon Momentum 175

175 years.

Amazing that in that very wide swath of time, a Lutheran school for boys that started in a humble cabin now fills acres in Salem with beautiful spaces for learning, research, wellness and community.

Today Roanoke College is a place where students learn from an innovative core curriculum and specialize in majors that allow for depth of study and research. It is a place where virtually all students participate in internships, creative projects, research, community service or study away.

Without question, Roanoke College has evolved. But evolution has not come at the sacrifice of ideals we cherish. Individual students matter here. Classes remain small, for instance, fostering an environment in which professors know their students, and can mentor and encourage them.

One of the longstanding truths about Roanoke College is that the Roanoke Experience (faculty+classroom+campus+community) equals more than most students might have dreamed for themselves. I know students who come to Roanoke with a clear path in mind and wind up graduating further along that path than they dreamed possible. Others find themselves at Roanoke and gain the well-founded confidence to influence the world in positive ways.

Exceeding expectations has also happened with the College. Committed men and women have contributed their work, their time and their treasure to see Roanoke College grow and accomplish more than the years before.

Now, as we look to our 175th anniversary, we celebrate where that Maroon Momentum led us.
We have made enormous progress in those 175 years. We celebrate what has been accomplished. We anticipate with excitement what lies ahead for our College.

Go Maroons!

-- Michael Creed Maxey

    Roanoke's 11th President


175 News

17 Artifacts for 2017

Cherished artifacts that tell the story of Roanoke.

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Presiding over a decade of growth

Ten years after Michael C. Maxey was inaugurated as the 11th president of Roanoke College, he reflects on his first decade at the helm. 

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Marion College reunion marks 50 years since closing

Marion College's Alumni Association held a special reunion to mark the 50 year anniversary since the college closed in 1967. Located in Marion, Virginia, the college was founded in 1873. In 1967, the college closed and the last graduating class crossed the stage.

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Roanoke celebrates 175th anniversary during Alumni Weekend

Roanoke College marked its 175th anniversary during Alumni Weekend, and many alumni returned home to celebrate this milestone event. A fantastic fireworks show capped off the weekend. 

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Dr. Miller to speak at Harrison Museum of African American Culture event

Dr. Mark Miller, the David Bittle College Historian, will speak at the Harrison Museum of African American Culture on Tuesday, April 11. Miller is joined on the program by Dr. Idella Goodson Glenn, of Hollins University. Each will be addressing their institution’s 175th anniversary and some of the history involved in the development of each college. 

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Former Roanoke presidents receive College medal

Dr. David Gring and his wife, Susan, and Dr. Norman Fintel and his wife, Jo, received Roanoke College medals during an awards luncheon in the College's Cregger Center on April 7. Norm Fintel, who had been battling cancer, passed away on April 7.

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Then & Now

175th anniversary events

The Quantico Marine Corps Band performance for Roanoke's 175th Anniversary

On Aug. 28, 2017, the Quantico Marine Corps Band will perform in honor of the College's 175th anniversary as a kick-off to the new academic year. The band, one of nine Marine Corps bands, will play popular patriotic with unexpected featured pieces that will surprise even the youngest audience members.

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Date | Time: Monday, August 28, 2017 | 7:00 PM
Location: Roanoke College, Morris M. Cregger Center, Arena

Elderscholar Banquet #1- 175th Anniversary celebration

The Elderscholar Program is a five-week lunch and lecture series for adults 55 and older, featuring, Roanoke College faculty and guests speaking on areas of their expertise. Following each lecture, there will be a time for questions and answers. Lunch in the Sutton Commons follows.

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Date | Time: Thursday, September 28, 2017 | 12:00 PM
Location: Roanoke College, Colket Center, Ballroom

President's Ball - 175th Anniversary Theme

Mark your calendars - you don't want to miss this annual event!  All Roanoke College Faculty, Staff and Students are invited to join together with President and Mrs. Maxey for a semi-formal evening with friends, food and fun.  

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Date | Time: Saturday, November 11, 2017 | 8:00 PM
Location: Roanoke College Colket Center and Sutton Commons

Roanoke College Seal

The seal of Roanoke College shows a blue shield emblazoned with a gold cross, representing Roanoke College's relationship with the Lutheran Church; the cross symbolizes the Christian values inherent in our culture. The lamp above the shield symbolizes the lamp of knowledge. On the shield is a white dogwood flower, symbolizing the Commonwealth of Virginia. The motto on the ribbon beneath the shield honors academic achievement and reads "PALMAM QUI MERUIT FERAT," translated to mean, "Let him who earns the palm wear it." The palm is symbolic of the palm leaf given in honor of excellence in ancient Greece.