Scholarship Criteria

Criteria for
Fowler Legacy Program Scholarships


  • All applications will be for a public issues intensive off-campus course of study which may 
  • Contemporary domestic or international public policy issues such as environmental, economic, 
    social, human rights, among others
  • All courses or projects must carry Roanoke College course credit
  • All applications will be endorsed by a faculty member/project supervisor
  • Applicant must have a cumulative 2.7 GPA

Other supported programs:

  • Independent Studies
  • Social Studies Student Teaching 
  • Conference attendance

Deadlines for application:

  • October 27 for Spring/May term/Summer semesters off-campus study 
  • Awards will be announced on November 15
  • April 1 for Summer/Fall semester off-campus study
  • Awards will be announced on April 15

We welcome applications for off-campus study at any time. Applications received after deadlines will be reviewed, funds permitting.

Students who have not had an opportunity to study off-campus and may not otherwise be able to afford it will receive highest priority. Applications from others are welcome. All will be judged according to the following criteria:

  1. Student has above-average need, according to the Student Financial Aid Office, is never likely to have an off-campus study 
    experience otherwise, and plans to study mainly public issues at least a semester.
  2. Same as above, except the study period is less than a semester.
  3. Same as 1, except the student has average or lower need.
  4. Same as 1, except the student is taking only one public issues course (as part of a semester program or as an intensive learning
  5. Student has already had one or more Legacy grant. 

We must receive proof of course registration prior to disbursement of funds.

Within two weeks of completing the program of study, a one-page report on your experience is due to Dr. David Taylor, Director of Fowler Legacy Program.