Photography Service

Requests for photography services are prioritized by the Office of Marketing and Communications to ensure the best use of photography resources. Photos promoting Roanoke College students, faculty, staff and activities of interest to prospective students and families will take precedence. Photography services are provided to the college community by the Office of Marketing and Communications free of charge in many cases. 

The following types of photography projects fall outside of our scope of services and may not be approved when the photo staff is occupied with requests that fulfill other key objectives: 

  • Images for which there is not a clear and demonstrated purpose that meets our objectives. In other words, we will not shoot photographs only for the sake of documentation. 
  • Images of department events that occur annually and look virtually the same each year. In these cases, we may send a photographer every other year or every few years. 

If your request fits with the college’s marketing objectives, a staff or student photographer will be provided free of charge. Alternatively, if your request does not fit marketing objectives, we will work to identify a student photographer if one is available.  

If the office is unable to cover the event, here are some other options:  

  • We can provide a list of recommended freelance photographers in the area   
  • With the increased quality of most cell phone cameras, many times this is a good alternative for both photos and videos. 

Fill out photography request form in advance of your event. (Two weeks advance notice is best practice.) Be sure to list specific shots you would like the photographer to take, as well as the event contact person, date, time, and location. The Office of Marketing and Communications reviews each request. Requests for these services will be prioritized to ensure the best use of limited photography resources.

Request Photography Services