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Roanoke College Magazine cover 2017 Issue 2 Without question, this summer's total solar eclipse was an awe-inspiring event-an extraordinary experience, according to commentary from some of the millions of observers. For the Roanoke College Physics Group, composed of physics faculty, students and alumni, it was an opportunity to serve as Solar Eclipse Ambassadors on Aug. 21 in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. "It was a historic day for the Roanoke College physics program," said Dr. Matt Fleenor, associate professor of physics. Find out how in the new issue of Roanoke magazine. Read, too, about the eclipse adventures of Dr. Tom Carter, associate professor of communication studies, as well as other engaging, informative content.

Wonder in the sky

The new issue of Roanoke College magazine chronicles how a group of Roanoke faculty, students and alumni - equipped with knowledge and a desire to share it - helped Great Smoky Mountains National Park visitors safely view this summer's rare total solar eclipse.

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On track

In the new issue or Roanoke College magazine, read how the College has kept pace with strategic plan objectives.

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