President Maxey speaking outdoors
By Roanoke College News

To the Roanoke College Community from President Maxey

To the Roanoke College Community:

In these recent problematic, fragile times, every member of the Roanoke College community has responded with sacrifice. That has been — and continues to be — the right thing to do, for the greater good of College and community.

Sacrifice, simply put, is giving up something of value to get something even more valuable in the future. Real sacrifice comes at a cost; it might hurt, might induce discomfort, might provoke unease. It is a necessity at this moment. 

You should be proud of how the College community has answered the call to act in the face of the worldwide threat posed by COVID-19.

Faculty members have worked extraordinarily hard to prepare for their courses to resume remotely this week. Students, while sharing their initial disappointment, have since expressed their thanks and understanding. Groups have worked to manage the crises and decisions that we have faced. Other staff have moved into entirely new work areas to help. 

The entire College community has risen to meet an ever-changing, ever-expanding challenge. Our plan of action continues to evolve in the most expeditious, humane, conscientious manner possible.

We know the process has not been perfect; we will always have bumps in the road. But the more we can come together, be good to one another, and make what sacrifices are necessary, the greater the result.

Roanoke College, in its 178 years, has weathered storms before. We will weather this one, and learn valuable lessons about sacrifice and persistence in times of trouble along the way.

I know Roanoke College will prevail.  I thank you for your critical role in that effort. 

Michael C. Maxey