Princeton Review 387
By Roanoke College News

Roanoke featured in Princeton Review's "Best 387 Colleges"

Roanoke College is one of the nation's best institutions for undergraduate education, according to The Princeton Review, which features Roanoke in “The Best 387 Colleges” (Penguin Random House), the 2022 edition of its annual college guidebook.

The new edition of The Princeton Review’s “Best Colleges” guide, released Aug. 31, is the college admission services company's milestone 30th anniversary edition. Roanoke College has appeared each year in the publication since the 2012 edition.

In the new 2022 edition, Roanoke College is once again included in the guidebook’s lists of Great Schools for Business/Finance Majors, Great Schools for Computer Science/Computer Engineering Majors and Great Schools for Psychology Majors. Roanoke first appeared on The Princeton Review’s Business/Finance and Computer Science/Computer Engineering lists in 2014 and on the Psychology list in 2015.

"We're delighted to once again be included on the list of Great Schools for Psychology Majors,” said Dr. Darcey Powell, associate professor of psychology at Roanoke. “We take great pride in making sure our students are exposed to the breadth of psychological science, have choice in the areas for which they want to pursue for their career interests, and are supported through various experiential opportunities such as research and internships."

Roanoke also is among the 143 Best Colleges in the Southeast, colleges that The Princeton Review considers “academically outstanding and well worth consideration” in students’ college search.

“We take great pride in making sure our students are exposed to the breadth of psychological science...and are supported through various experiential opportunities such as research and internships.”

Dr. Darcey Powell, associate professor of psychology

Only about 14% of America’s four-year colleges are profiled in the book. The company chooses colleges for the book based on data it annually collects from college administrators about their institutions’ academic offerings. The Princeton Review also considers data it gathers from its surveys of college students who rate and report on various aspects of their campus and community experiences. The Princeton Review does not rank the colleges from 1 to 387 in any category.  

In its profile of Roanoke College, The Princeton Review quotes extensively from Roanoke students who were surveyed for the guidebook. Among the student comments:

  • Most students agree that Roanoke “[excels] in academics and learning how to relate to what is learned in the classroom to real world jobs.”
  • “It feels like one big family here. The small tight-knit community allows [students] to have a home away from home”
  • Roanoke students are “people from all over the world; students from every corner of the globe, from Asia to Europe…all congregate together in Roanoke peacefully and work together to find the common string that binds us all together as a community.”
  • The atmosphere at Roanoke “is kind and inclusive, with many opportunities to meet new people in and out of your major or subject of interest.”

In its announcement of the book’s release, The Princeton Review also released findings of its recent July–August survey sent to 655 college administrators on topics from their fall reopenings and COVID protocols to enrollment forecasts and more. A release on the survey findings with a link to a complete report on the findings is posted in The Princeton Review Media Center (