Find Your Strengths at Roanoke College

In association with the Gallup research organization, Roanoke College is pleased to offer CliftonStrengths, a resource for the entire campus community. CliftonStrengths is an assessment tool that helps individuals identify their natural talents so they can build on them and develop them into strengths. One of Roanoke College’s core values is the success of our students. CliftonStrengths is a powerful tool to help individuals find their own path to personal success.

Information sessions about CliftonStrengths will roll out in January 2023 to help all Roanoke College community members understand their strengths and how to develop them to meet personal goals, including academic and career success.

CliftonStrengths is a respected and widely used career tool. More than 700,000 students discover their CliftonStrengths each year, and more than 27 million people have taken the assessment overall. CliftonStrengths is a national model for strengths-based education. 

“Knowing our unique strengths empowers each of us to make academic, professional and personal decisions that unlock our potential and help us become our best selves. Recognizing and affirming others’ diverse strengths reveals the power and beauty of our interdependence as we use our collective and complementary talents to meet society’s greatest needs.”

President Frank Shushok | Futuristic, Command, Strategic, Activator and Ideation President Frank Shushok Jr. is a certified CliftonStrengths coach and a longtime proponent of using the program to develop strengths.

Find your strengths - Roanoke College and Clifton Strenths

How do I start identifying my strengths?

Students can take the assessment by going to this link. Students will have assorted opportunities to share and apply their results. Seniors are encouraged to bring their reports to their appointments with PLACE to learn how their strengths could assist them in the job search and interview process. First-year students and new transfer students will have their assessment results interpreted during Welcome Back Orientation in January. 

Faculty and staff can also take the assessment by going to this link. The College will hold information sessions in the spring semester to help faculty and staff explore and develop their strengths further.  

After you’ve taken the assessment, the dashboard will list your personalized CliftonStrengths results in rank order. It also includes personalized reports to provide an in-depth understanding of your strengths and suggested actions you can take to make the most of your strengths.  

Why should I do CliftonStrengths?

People who know their strengths and use them every day are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs!

Many students, faculty and staff at Roanoke College have already taken the CliftonStrengths assessment to learn about their top strengths and how to maximize them in their daily lives. 

Find your strengths 

“CliftonStrengths concentrates on our talents and what we do well. Investing in our talents helps guide us to our purpose, resulting in a place of well-being. I think students, faculty and staff will enjoy taking the instrument for the first time and find it useful in their daily lives.”

Tom Rambo, Dean of Students | Arranger, Relator, Responsibility, Belief and Individualization