The Honors Community

Honors students talking together in a loungeWhile the Honors Program provides students with many distinct educational opportunities and classes, it is also a wonderful way to meet new friends and form strong bonds with other Honors students.

Study and Live with Like-Minded Students

  • Orientation: Honors students begin forming friendships and bonds with other students from the very beginning. During Freshmen Orientation, Honors students are grouped together in Honors Orientation Groups (O-Groups). A few weeks into the semester, the freshmen have another opportunity to grow as a community on the Freshman Retreat. The community formed in these early experiences lasts through graduation—and often beyond.
  • Classes: Honors students have their own core curriculum and take core classes with other Honors students.
  • Residence Halls: Another example of the strong Honors community can be found in Honors Housing. All Honors students, including incoming freshmen, have the opportunity to live in Honors Housing located in New Hall. The Honors Suite on the first floor of New Hall is accessible to all Honors students to use for studying, playing, or even cooking!

Active Community Involvement

Students in the Honors program are strongly encouraged to get involved in the campus community, as well as the surrounding community.

  • Co-curricular Events: Honors students are required to attend a certain number of activities (on or off campus). Options include art shows, coffee shop discussions, operas and symphonies, plays, presentations, and participating in the numerous Conference Week activities.
  • Volunteer Work: Students must also devote time each semester to volunteer work throughout our local community. In the past, students have worked with many organizations and programs such as Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society, local libraries, the Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Roanoke Valley Greenway, and local nursing homes.


  • The Honors Program offers a yearly spring trip for upperclassmen. This trip is meant to give students a break from the normal, everyday ebb and flow of academics and work, provide great educational opportunities, and strengthen the Honors community.
  • Honors students are also active in student/faculty research on campus. The Honors Portfolio Development Seminars, conducted during the freshman and sophomore years, include information about research, career/grad school prep, applying for nationally-competitive fellowships and scholarships, and more!
  • Honors students play an active role in planning social and co-curricular events for the community. Prospective Honors students are encouraged to be a part of committees (communications, social, Conference Week, etc.), to contribute to the Honors Newsletter, 'The Lamp,' which always welcomes writers and editors, and to run for office on the Honors Executive Board. 

Launch New Hall

The Honors and co-curricular activities calendar features upcoming social, service and co-curricular events on and off campus.