From brand ambassador to web architect: 25 interesting careers for Business Administration majors

Studying Business Administration at Roanoke College will give you a deep understanding of all of the functional aspects of business and nonprofit management, including accounting, finance, HR, IT and marketing. Find one you excel at and pair it with a personal interest, such as the environment, health, sports or travel, and you’ll be on your way to a career that you’ll love.

These are just few of the jobs open to you when you study Business Administration. While some are available to those with a Bachelors’ degree, others may require advanced degrees.

  1. Brand Ambassador: Win the hearts and minds of customers by presenting your company’s brands in the best possible light.
  2. Business Development Manager: Fuel your venture’s growth by identifying, nurturing and closing new accounts.
  3. Computer Network Architect: Optimize your company’s use of technology by designing and building an advanced IT platform.
  4. Compliance Officer: Forge good relationships with host nations by assuring your company is in compliance with all of their regulations.
  5. Consumer Behavior Specialist: Attract new customers by uncovering the roots of their shopping behavior.
  6. Cybersecurity Manager: Protect your customer’s financial data by staying two steps ahead of hackers.
  7. Data Ethnographers: Tailor your company’s brand to the needs of different cultures by analyzing their preferences and market behavior.
  8. Digital Marketing Strategist: Exceed your company’s marketing objectives through the use of best practices in digital and social marketing.
  9. Diversity Manager: Build a vibrant and welcoming corporate culture by promoting inclusive practices in hiring, training and teamwork.
  10. E-Commerce Buyer: Tap the growing trend towards virtual shopping by selecting and merchandizing products that will sell well in an online environment.
  11. Entertainment Accountant: Provide a strong financial foundation for creative teams to develop and launch new movies, plays, TV shows and concerts.
  12. Event Planner: Get people excited about your organization by planning and executing successful meetings, parties and trade shows.
  13. FBI Forensic Accountant: Help the FBI solve and prosecute cases by analyzing the finances of suspected perpetrators.
  14. Foundation Program Officer: Make the world a better place by researching proposals and awarding grants to worthy nonprofit organizations.
  15. Futurist: Prepare your organization for changes to come by analyzing economic, social, political and environmental trends.
  16. Global Supply Chain Manager: Maximize production efficiency by identifying and securing materials from the best sources around the world.
  17. Hospitality Manager: Delight your guests by assuring everything about their stay—the staff, facility and amenities—are welcoming and enjoyable.
  18. International Economist: Steer your organization through the ever-changing waters of global financial markets, currency exchange rates and tariff policies.
  19. Nonprofit Fundraiser: Help your organization achieve its mission by securing the financial resources it needs to grow and thrive.
  20. Property Manager: Optimize profits for real estate investors by marketing rentals, maintaining buildings to high standards and troubleshooting problems that arise.
  21. Socially Responsible Fund Manager: Build wealth and do good at the same time by managing a portfolio of stocks in firms that help the environment, promote social justice and treat employees well.
  22. Social Welfare Administrator: Care for those in need by setting and implementing policies that help people cope with problems such as unemployment, substance abuse, inadequate housing, and spousal and child abuse.
  23. Sports Team Accountant: Field a winning sports team by assuring it has the financial strength needed to hire the best players and managers.
  24. Sustainability Manager: Assure your company does its part to improve the health of the planet by setting and meeting environmental goals.
  25. Web Architect: Showcase your organization and its products and services by designing and developing visually engaging, user-friendly websites.