Through internships, you'll apply academic learning to everyday situations. Internships can give you a taste of what jobs are like, helping you make career decisions. Through internships, you'll gain valuable experience that will look great on your resume, help you get into a respected graduate program or land a great job.

Your professors, mentors and career services professionals can help you find the best internship and coach you on how to get the most out of it. Talk to Roanoke grads, and you'll hear many of them tell you that their internships were instrumental in helping them shape and launch their careers. More information about internships.

Nearly half of Roanoke students do one or more internships during their time at the College.

Roanoke students intern at great organizations!

logos of organizations where Roanoke College students do internships

Photo of Sophie Wilson smiling

Sophie Wilson '13/Tory Burch

Sophie Wilson '13, a Communications Studies major, wanted to work in communications, ideally in the broadcasting field. She built an impressive resume of internships, including working with the global marketing group at fashion retailer Tory Burch. She helped run women's economic empowerment events for the Tory Burch Foundation.

Photo of Chris Besse smiling

Chris Besse '14/Internship at Jubilee USA Networks

Chris Besse '14 had a front row seat to the world of law and national policy-making as an intern at Jubilee USA Network, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that advocates for responsible lending and borrowing and increased debt relief for poor countries. Besse, a criminal justice and political science major, spent a semester lobbying for fair tax legislation and researching Argentina's debt default.

Photo of Kristin Troianello smiling

Kristin Troianello '15/Internship at Pashmere

The world of global business came alive for Troianello while studying in Italy. She interned for Pashmere, a family-run cashmere clothing company in Perugia, researching current and potential market trends and conducting a review of their business operations. Troianello said her experience left her "more open minded and open to experience. I want to see the world now."

Photo of Christian Weisenbacher smiling

Christian Weisenbacher '12/Internship with Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Weisenbacher participated in the Lutheran College Washington Semester, where he had an internship at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. Weisenbacher went on to study at the Edward. J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, and Rutgers school of Law.     

Photo of Sarah Thompson smiling with a young child

Sarah Thompson '11/Internship at Refugee and Immigration Services

Thompson had long wanted to serve others. While at Roanoke, she realized she could combine service and study. She conducted an internship at the local Refugee and Immigration Services, then spent one summer working with children in Belize and another summer working with children in Ireland. Thompson was recently accepted into the University of Kent's graduate program in Brussels in International Development.