The Roanoke Difference

Our purpose is to help you find yours

At Roanoke, we help you put the pieces together to understand who you truly are-what you care deeply about, what you do well, how you relate to the world. Through challenge inside and outside the classroom, you grow as a whole person, gaining the confidence, self-knowledge and personal authority needed to make important decisions about your life.

Working closely with you, we help you chart your path through college where you acquire the knowledge, experiences and skills you'll need to pursue what you love and make a meaningful contribution to the world. When you leave Roanoke you have a plan you're ready to live.

Launch Welcome

Having your own plan will help you rethink your world, and be ready to launch yourself into it.

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Find your world: Our innovative core curriculum, numerous academic programs and a variety of campus organizations encourage our students to try new things, explore new ideas, and meet new people. We give you the opportunity to find your passions and make your own future.

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Expand your world: We make sure you challenge what you know and believe in, and push yourself to see what you're capable of. You're sure of your choices and your ability to act on them.

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Build your world: We help you combine your passion and talents to chart a unique life path of your own. In every class you take, you sharpen your skills and knowledge-you think critically, come up with innovative solutions, learn to lead and communicate clearly and effectively.

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Launch your world: From day one, you start work on a personal resume, honing your skills, gaining practical experience through internships and research, and using campus and alumni connections to build your own personal network. With coaching from faculty and alumni mentors, you're ready to lean into a career you love, confident you'll make a real difference.

We guarantee you the opportunity for real-world experiences. Internships, research, creative works, service learning, and study away will help you build your personal resume. 

Maroons pursue amazing careers

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“Roanoke helped me develop a plan for the rest of my life in my first semester here, and then gave me the confidence to actually pursue it.”

Jake Trombley '20