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Spring Start Orientation

Welcome, new mid-year college adventurers! While most students begin their college journey in the fall, you brave students have chosen the road less traveled, starting your Roanoke experience right in the middle of the year. It's like joining a movie mid-way through - exciting, a little disorienting, but filled with thrilling twists and turns. As you start this chapter, remember you are not alone. The Roanoke community are here to help you. Whether you are trading high school hallways for campus culture or simply taking a different route to pursue your purpose, embrace the uniqueness of your mid-year start. It's your story, and it's bound to be epic!

Campus Bites & Sights - Sunday, January 15 @ 5pm
Join your assigned New Student Mentor for your initial welcome to campus! Enjoy a delicious meal at Commons, then join our guided classroom tour to discover your new learning spaces. 

Open Block Briefings - First four Tuesdays & Thursdays @ noon
“Open Block” is an hour each Tuesday and Thursday in the fall and spring semester when there are no classes. Orientation will use the first four to host informational sessions for you on the essentials of campus life at Roanoke College. The first session on January 16 is required.

  • January 16 - Welcome & Information Technology
  • January 18 - Fintel Library
  • January 23 - PLACE, Center for Purpose, Life and Career Exploration
  • January 25 - Campus Safety