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Early Decision? Early Action? Regular Decision? What's the difference?  I've taken college level courses while in high school and/or received an associates degree, would I be considered a transfer?  We hope the information below will help clear up the questions you may have when trying to decide what application type you are going to choose when you apply to Roanoke. 

Early Decision

Early Decision is a binding application designed for students who have identified Roanoke College as their top choice. If you are admitted as an Early Decision applicant, you are committing to attend Roanoke and we require you to withdraw your application at all other colleges.  Your tuition deposit will be due within two weeks of receiving your financial aid package, or within two weeks of acceptance if you do not plan to seek need-based aid. 

If you plan to seek need-based aid, please file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) we recommend you file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online once it becomes available.  The non-refundable deposit is due within two weeks of receiving your comprehensive financial aid package.

Early Decision candidates receive the following benefits:

  • Early Decision applicants are most likely to be admitted. Our acceptance rate for Early Decision applicants is significantly higher than Early Action and Regular Decision
  • Early Decision applicants receive our strongest financial aid packages.  Please contact your admissions counselor to discuss how Early Decision would benefit your financial aid package.
  • Housing choices for new students are based on the order of deposit, meaning Early Decision students will be among the first to select housing.
  • Early Decision candidates will be the first to be invited to Summer Orientation dates.  This means Early Decision candidates are more likely to get their first choice Summer Orientation date. 

Early Decision applicants are required to complete our Early Decision Acknowledgement Form.

Early Action

Early Action is designed for students who are not ready to commit to attend Roanoke College yet, but are excited to submit an application to Roanoke. If you are prepared to apply early, Early Action is the right choice for you. 

Early Action applicants are viewed more favorably than Regular Decision applicants but less favorably than Early Decision applicants, both in terms of their interest in Roanoke College and their potential to be admitted. 

They will receive their acceptance letters approximately two weeks after the application deadline and well before applicants from Regular Decision. Students accepted Early Action have until May 1 to decide to attend and put down their tuition deposit. Housing selection and course selection are based on date of deposit.

Regular Decision

Regular Decision is perfect for students who may have found Roanoke later in their admissions process or are waiting for mid-year grades or additional test scores to strengthen their application. It is designed for students who are unable to submit before the final Early Action deadline.

We are most selective in our evaluation of Regular Decision applicants and rely heavily on a strong academic profile and high demonstrated interest in this time period. 

Regular Decision acceptance letters will begin to be sent after the Early Action ll release date and will continue on a rolling basis while admittance is still available. Students admitted as Regular Decision applicants will have until May 1 to place their tuition deposit and reserve their spot. Housing selection and course selection are based on date of deposit.


We consider a Transfer student to be anyone who has enrolled in a college/university after their high school graduation date. Students taking college level classes or receiving an Associate's Degree after their high school graduation date should apply as a Transfer student.  Transcripts from all colleges attended (while in high school and after) should be sent to the admissions office.  A transfer GPA of a 2.2 or above is required.

Students who take college level classes while enrolled in high school (dual-enrollment), or who receive an associate's degree while also enrolled in high school should apply using the first-year freshman application. 

Have questions?  Contact the Office of Admissions, or 540-375-2270, and one of our counselors will be happy to help you. 

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