Apply for Selective Programs

March 15 is the deadline to apply for the Honors Program.  Applications are reviewed as they are submitted.

After you've applied for admission, you can also apply for any of these programs:

Scholarship Competition
The Roanoke College Scholarship Competition was designed to recognize and reward students of superior academic and leadership ability. Final recipients are determined primarily on the performance during an on-campus competition which includes a writing session and personal interview.  

Fellows Program
Pursue your goals in a field you love, and build a great resume with the experience you gain as a Fellow in one of these areas:  Research, Writing Center, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Service Leadership, or Communications and PR.  

Honors Program
This program is designed for the top 8-10 percent of each incoming class. You'll be part of a community of people like you who are pursuing their own academic growth and making significant contributions to their disciplines and the greater community.   

Art Scholarships
We want to support you if you are passionate about art and have a range of skills. Apply for this art scholarship by sending us samples of your work and a 250-word statement.  

Music Performance Scholarships
Be recognized for performance talents. You can audition for this scholarship for participating in the RC Choir, Wind Ensemble or Jazz Ensemble.

Theatre Arts Scholarships
We want to support you if you are passionate about theatre and have a range of skills. Apply by sending us a resume, a 250-word statement and an optional portfolio of 4-6 images of your best work.