Music Performance Scholarships

Music Performance Scholarships are awarded through competitive audition for participation in the college's vocal and instrumental ensembles. For singers, these comprise of Oriana Singers and the Roanoke College Choir and for instrumentalists, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble. They may be renewed year-to-year based on satisfactory performance.

Typically, auditions are held in the late fall, winter and early spring.  Accepted students may select the day and time that best fits their circumstances. Scholarship amounts are awarded up to $2,500.

For any student who is selected to an All-State Choir, the audition is waived. Be sure to let us know if you qualify for this scholarship.

Please contact Dr. Marc LaChance (Bands) or Dr. Jeffrey Sandborg (Choirs) to schedule an audition.  Please make contact TWO weeks before coming to campus.  While every attempt will be made to accommodate individual schedules, an audition cannot be guaranteed.  Students should also complete and submit the online form. 

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