Merit-based Aid (Step 1 of 4)

$8,500 - $28,000 Awarded upon Admission

Apply to find out what your merit award will be. Roanoke invests in students who have achieved in high school.  Here are some examples of merit scholarships awarded at the time of admissions:  

3.95 GPA + 1300 SAT* = $26,000
3.35 GPA + 1140 SAT* = $23,000
2.8 GPA + 1130 SAT* = $21,000
2.75 GPA + 1020 SAT* = $20,000

*New SAT format
**Once a need-based award has been presented, the college will no longer evaluate for additional merit-based aid.

Virginia residents will also receive the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant. Additional need-based financial aid is available. Merit offers are made only to accepted students.

Apply to find out how much you'll get

Merit Scholarship Opportunities

These awards are automatically awarded based upon high school academics and entitlement (funds awarded from Roanoke College according to your religious affiliation).

Roanoke College Award (Trustee, Presidential, Dean's, Faculty and Maroon)
These merit-based awards are presented to students upon their acceptance to Roanoke College. Recipients must have a proven academic record to be considered. High school GPA and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and/or Academic Competency Test (ACT) scores will be reviewed when determining each individual student's award. Recipients must be full-time and degree-seeking. Award amounts vary and may be renewed for up to seven additional semesters provided the student maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The Bishop Jim Mauney Lutheran Student  Grant
This grant of $3,000 is offered to full-time, degree seeking students who are members of ELCA congregations.  To continue this program through four years, students must satisfy the same GPA requirements as specified for Roanoke College grants and awards.

The Visit Grant
This $1,000 is awarded to accepted applicants who visit the campus during their Junior or Senior year of high school and attend Roanoke College.  Their visit must take place before May 1 of their Senior Year

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant
The Commonwealth of Virginia offers tuition assistance to all bona-fide residents of the state.

Transfer Scholarships

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements
An explanation of Roanoke College's SAP requirements for continuation of financial aid.