Summer Orientation


Even though the format has changed – you will be able to engage with a variety of new friends and learn virtually everything you’ll need to know about campus and Roanoke College. We are planning a series of interactive sessions that will help you examine who you are and what interests you have. After this summer’s orientation you will have:

  • A better sense of what makes you, you!
  • A sense of belonging to our community of Maroons!
  • A course schedule you’ve helped create and are excited about!

This event is designed for fall start, incoming freshmen. There is also programming for families.

Roanoke College’s Summer Orientation is still happening on the following dates - if you haven’t already, please pick a date!

  • June 22-23
  • June 25-26
  • June 29-30
  • July 1-2

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In the meantime, our staff, faculty and orientation leaders are looking forward to connecting with you – even if it is more remote than we would like.

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Student Schedule 
This two day event will consist of large and small group programs, live panels, individual meetings and a tutorial students will complete prior to your session date.  Advance registration and all session meetings are required.

Student Survey
(requires RC username & password) please complete within a week of your registered session

Family Schedule 
Prior to this two day event, a series of videos will be made available to inform you of resources available.  On the day your student registered for, you are invited to join us for 4 different Live Panels.

Family Survey
please complete within a week of your student's registered session

Frequently Asked Questions

Other than registering for Summer Orientation, what else do I need to do before online Summer Orientation?

For a complete list of recommended and required items, refer to the Fall Term Freshmen To Do List under Forms, Links & Lists. Items with a June 1 deadline are:

Should I book my travel and hotel accommodations for my summer orientation date?

Summer 2020 orientation will be in a remote format.  Please do not book any travel for orientation dates, as there is no on-campus programming.

What do I need to participate in online Summer Orientation?

  • Roanoke College username & password
  • More guidelines to come regarding technology and additional set ups.

What if I do not have a way to participate in Online Orientation?  What if I don't have access to one of the following:  computer/laptop/tablet, microphone, reliable internet access, webcam?

Please contact us at if any of these apply to you.

Will my parent(s) or family participate in online Summer Orientation?

Yes!  We encourage parents, guardians, family or guests to digitally attend as there is programming especially for them.  We also understand that some cannot be away from other obligations at this time of year.  

How does the course registration process work during Orientation?

Don’t stress about choosing classes before Orientation. We are here to help. You don’t need to figure this out before coming. During your online session date you’ll have a group meeting with a faculty member who will walk you through the course options and help you think about what classes you need and want.  After the group session, you’ll have a one-on-one meeting with a faculty member, also online, who will help you choose specific courses based upon your interests and needs.  Reviewing this handout before you come might help.

Am I at a disadvantage if I can’t come to the first session?

For many courses open to first-year students, available seats are divided evenly across the different orientation sessions. 

How will I meet other students?  Will I have an Orientation Leader?

There are many student leaders eagerly wanting to connect you with other new students and you to Roanoke College.  That two that work with First Year Experience are Orientation Leaders and First Year Mentors.  Orientation Leaders will reach out prior to the June online sessions.  First Year Mentors are connected to your INQ 110 class.  You will meet them in August.

What happens after June Orientation?

Keep checking your Roanoke College email!  You will be notified of additional information and opportunities, regarding the housing portal, business office, and details regarding August orientation.

We also encourage student and their families to take notes on all the things they learn during the online orientation sessions so many conversations continue after summer orientation.

Transitioning to college comes with a lot to see, hear and think about.  If any questions come up after your orientation, please feel free to contact any of our offices individually.

What happens in August?

Details regarding move-in process and activities will be available soon.