Test Optional

Roanoke College is test-optional. See our Test-Optional Policy FAQs below. If you have additional questions please contact the admissions office at 540-375-2270 or admissions@roanoke.edu.

What does test-optional mean?

Being a test-optional institution, Roanoke does not require an ACT or a SAT score for your application to be reviewed. Please indicate on your application whether you would like to apply as a test-optional candidate or if you will be submitting test scores. If you tell us you will be submitting test scores your application will not be considered complete until we receive those scores.

How will my application be evaluated without test scores?

Roanoke reviews applications holistically. For students who apply as a test optional candidate, there will be even more emphasis on the other parts of the application. For a better understanding of what we look for when evaluating an application please click here.

Does Roanoke consider demonstrated interest and how does that effect a test-optional applicant?

If I have a test score should I submit it?

This is really up to you. Our general rule of thumb is if you fall within or above our average test scores to submit your test. You counselor would also be happy to talk to you about your individual situation and give you guidance.
Average SAT: Middle 50% is a 1140 – 1270. (new SAT format)
Average ACT: Middle 50% is a 22 – 28. (We do not require the writing section on the ACT.)

Is Roanoke College test optional for merit scholarship consideration as well?

Yes, we are test optional for admissions decisions and merit scholarship decisions.

Do I need a test score for competitive merit scholarships?

You do not need test scores to apply to our competitive merit scholarships.

What if I receive my test scores after I have already applied?

Contact your counselor. Depending on where your application is in the process it may be advantageous to send the scores to us.