A. Wesley Graves, VI ‘63

A. Wesley Graves, VI was born in Lacey Springs, Virginia in 1940 as the son of a country doctor and nurse. Wes and his siblings were raised in an environment where a strong work ethic that supports one's community was central to family life. In addition to being a doctor, his father also bred cattle. Young Wes had to balance work on a farm with his studies and activities at Broadway High School. He was a tremendous athlete lettering in football, baseball, basketball, and track.  

In the fall of 1959, Wes entered Roanoke College pursuing a major in chemistry. He joined Sigma Chi Fraternity where he later served as president of the chapter. As involved as he was in chemistry related interests, it was a class in finance that led Wes into a career in financial planning.  

Upon graduating in 1963, Wes returned to the community he grew up in where, in addition to working on the family farm, he was an analyst at Branch Cabell & Co. He quickly moved into the role of Financial Advisor at the company and later joined Wheat First Securities (now Wells Fargo Advisors), where his career flourished. Wes has been recognized for high professional achievements and clients regard his personalized approach with great respect and admiration.  

A respected leader in the greater Harrisonburg community, Wes has served in numerous volunteer leadership positions in higher education (James Madison University and Bridgewater College) and the healthcare arena where he supports access to healthcare regionally. Love of his community has led to volunteer leadership roles with the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, the regional library, and more. His expertise in finance coupled with his sense of servant leadership has been a valuable asset to a variety of organizations he has been involved in. Some of these include the Elks Club, the Rockingham Rotary Club, the Harrisonburg Lions Club, and the congregation of Asbury United Methodist Church.  

In 2001, Wes established an endowed scholarship at Roanoke College to assist deserving students who maintain satisfactory academic progress.  

While his recognitions and honors are well known and deserved, it is his Farmer of the Year award given by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce that reminds friends and family of Wes's roots. When asked what he is most proud of, Wes is quick to reply that it is his family. Wes and his wife, Glenna M. Graves, have been married for over 50 years and have raised two children, Amanda and Asa. Wes currently works with his son Asa at Graves Light Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors and seeks any opportunity to spend time with his four grandchildren. 

A. Wesley Graves received the Roanoke College Medal in 2018.