Dr. Albert C. Stutsman '27

Albert C. Stutsman was an otolaryngologist and an assistant professor at Washington University Medical School.

Dr. Stutsman was a native of Roanoke and received his bachelor of science degree from Roanoke College in 1927. He went on to earn his M.D. from the University of Virginia. After serving an internship in Baltimore, he completed his residency at City Hospital and Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

He was in private practice as an otolaryngologist in St. Louis for 42 years and taught his specialty to students at Washington University's Medical School for many years as an assistant professor of otolaryngology. He was a member of the University Club and the Nose and Throat Club.

Dr. Stutsman was an expert at bronchoscopy and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. He served for several years as chief of otolaryngology at St. Louis County Hospital. At the time of his death, he was still on the staff of Barnes, Children's, Jewish and Lutheran hospitals in St Louis.
He served as a deacon and an elder at Second Presbyterian Church, St. Louis.

Dr. Stutsman served Roanoke College as a class chairman for the Annual Fund campaign and represented his alma mater at formal occasions in his area.

Albert C. Stutsman received the Roanoke College Medal in 1978.