Mr. Carlton H. Kiser '49

Carlton H. Kiser was a native of Lowry Virginia and he attended public schools in Roanoke. He graduated from Roanoke College in 1949, after five years in the parachute infantry as a First Lieutenant during World War II. Kiser then completed his pre-law courses at Washington and Lee University and earned his law degree from Washington and Lee Law School.

Once graduating from Law School, Kiser immediately joined Chubb and Son, Incorporated as a claims attorney and rose through successive positions to become assistant vice president in 1968. He was promoted to manager of the Fidelity and Surety Loss Department and Vice President of Chubb and Sons in 1972.

Kiser was a member of the Virginia State Bar Association, the New York State Bar, and the International Association of Insurance Counsel. He was a trustee of the Village of Williston Park, New York.

Kiser served as president of the Long Island Alumni Chapter from 1958 to 1972, and directed the Alumni Admissions Program in New York. He was also president of the General Alumni Association from 1972-1973.

Carlton H. Kiser was awarded the Roanoke College Medal on April 20, 1974 for his distinctive service, professional achievement, and life of significance. He married his wife Elizabeth on December 7, 1945 and together they had four daughters, each of whom attended Roanoke College.

Carlton H. Kiser received the Roanoke College Medal in 1974.