Mr. Everett B. Bonham '15

Everett B. Bonham, a native of Chilhowie, Virginia, was president of Bonham Brothers of Chilhowie, Virginia. He attended and graduated from Roanoke College in 1915 with a B.A. degree.

Everett embarked upon his career as a farmer and orchardist immediately after college, and Bonham Brothers was one the largest apple producing companies in Virginia. Everett served as president of the Virginia State Horticultural Society, director of the Virginia Department of Agriculture, and the National Apple Institute. He was vice-president of the Vance Company (a regional hardware supply chain), and was the director of the National Bank of Chilhowie and the Virginia National Bank.

Everett was a lifelong member of St. James Lutheran Church. He served on the executive board of the Lutheran Synod of Virginia. He was a trustee of Roanoke College for 42 years, and was also a trustee chairman of Marion College for many years.

It has been said that Everett exemplified the high ideals to which Roanoke College is dedicated, and that he was one of America's leading orchardists in his time. Everett was a devoted Lutheran layman and was loyal to his college for more than 50 years as an alumnus and trustee. Everett received the Roanoke College Medal in 1969 for his distinguished service in his profession.

Everett B. Bonham received the Roanoke College Medal in 1969.