Josephine Koehler Chapman ’09

Josephine Koehler Chapman was the first woman elected to Roanoke College's board of trustees. She was a teacher during her early career and later worked as the women's page editor for the
The Roanoke Times.

Mrs. Chapman was born in Roanoke. She earned a B.A. in mathematics with honors from the College in 1909. Following graduation, she taught in the Roanoke City and Wytheville public schools for a time. She worked for the Times from 1911 until 1913 and later was the women's page editor from 1932 until 1938. In 1913, she married fellow alum H. Powell Chapman '08, editor of The Roanoke Times.  

Over the years, Mrs. Chapman was involved in many community activities. She was the director of the Roanoke Historical Society and the Society of the McVitty House. She was president of the Roanoke branch of the Needlework Guild of America, the Mill Mountain Garden Club and the Modern Arts Club.  

Mrs. Chapman served on the Civilian Defense and Ration Boards during World War II. She was an active Episcopalian and was the president of the Women's Auxiliary, Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. She also was a member of the National Society of Colonial Dames and the Garden Clubs of Virginia and of America.  

Mrs. Chapman served her alma mater well, holding various offices in the alumnae division of the College's alumni association and serving on the board of trustees for many years, beginning in 1956. She was awarded the Roanoke College Medal in 1974 for her distinctive service.

Josephine Koehler Chapman received the Roanoke College Medal in 1974.