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Roanoke College Expands Test-Optional Admissions Policy for All Applicants

Standardized tests scores will now be optional for all students applying to Roanoke College. 

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Roanoke is more affordable than you think

Apply to find out what your merit award will be. Roanoke invests in students who have achieved in high school.  Here are some examples of merit scholarships awarded at the time of admissions:  

3.95 GPA + 1300 SAT* = $22,000/year
3.35 GPA + 1140 SAT* = $18,000/year
2.8 GPA + 1130 SAT* = $15,000/year
2.75 GPA + 1020 SAT* = $14,000/year  

*New SAT format
**Once a need-based award has been presented, the college will no longer evaluate for additional merit-based aid.

Virginia residents will also receive the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant, estimated at $3,400 per year. Additional need-based financial aid is available. Merit offers are made only to accepted students.

For freshmen only:

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(Students applying as freshmen may also apply using the Common Application.)