Alternative Fall Break Trip: Columbia, South Carolina

Alternative Fall Break Trip: Columbia, South Carolina

Contact: Toni Fazler,

When: Leave Saturday, October, 12 @ 8:00 AM from Chaplain’s office parking lot Return Saturday, October, 19 @ 5PM
Where: Columbia, SC (and surrounding County) 
Who: RC students working thru RC Chapter of Habitat in partnership with Midlands SC HFH.
Style: This is a GROUP experience.  We are in this together.  We will live, work, laugh, eat together.  NO INDIVIDUAL SIDE TRIPS!  We will be forming a community.
Faith:  The things you believe about yourself, others, society and the divine will be affected by the intensity of this experience.  Habitat is a faith based organization.  Prayer and worship will be a part of the experience.  We will talk of our daily experiences in an evening community meeting.


  1. Participate
  2. Respect and Care for all
  3. Be Safe
  5. Act Like an Ambassador of the College 

Work: We will be working on habitat houses.  We will not know what stage of the build until we are on site.  We will also be working in the Re-Store.
Travel: By College Vans
Cost: $200.00 paid before departure; scholarships available