Art Opening Reception

Art Opening Reception

Contact: Mrs. Lacey K. Leonard,

September 9

Art Opening Reception 6-8 pm

Olin Gallery- Richard Pasquarelli, The Things We Are

Smoyer Gallery- Kyra Hinton, Mapping the Human Experience

Pasquarelli’s paintings make visible the relationships between physical reality and the mind. Through analysis of his own compulsions for perfection and order and research into mental health, Pasquarelli seeks a better understanding of the relationship between mind and matter and its observable presence in the world around us. To build upon his research, Pasquarelli immerses himself into the study of OCD and hoarding disorder by conducting field research in the homes of people affected by these conditions. The knowledge gained through his interviews and the thousands of photographs he has taken during his visits has become integral parts of his process. “My paintings are more than representations of people’s possessions; they are portraits of their minds.” Pasquarelli was born in 1968 and received his BFA from Syracuse University.

"Mapping the Human Experience" explores the human experience, as described through the lens of Enneagram, and uses the perspective of landscapes and satellite photos to depict each type’s journey to health. Creating a metaphorical and visual experience of the Enneagram, the paintings visually depict an aerial photo of the path ahead, a map to keep in your pocket, and perhaps a mirror of your inner self. Kyra Hinton is a visual artist based in the Blue Ridge Mountains, inspired by the movement and textures of our world from above. Working in a myriad of mediums, Kyra aims to invoke wonder in the places we call home, and the joy of being human in those spaces.

Image credit: Richard Pasquarelli, Self Portrait No. 1, 2019, 76.75”x 184.75” (overall), sixty panels, 14.75 x 14.25” each, oil on mylar, on metal, recessed magnets