Education for Liberation: An RC Teach-In on Race for Faculty and Staff

Education for Liberation: An RC Teach-In on Race for Faculty and Staff

Contact: Dr. Jennifer K. Berenson and Dr. Shannon L. Anderson,;

Over the past six weeks we have all observed the national and local responses to the murder of George Floyd. The Healing Circle planned and facilitated by our own students last month held particular power as we heard first-hand the pain and frustration of our own students. One major take-away was that as faculty and staff at Roanoke College, there are many things we should better understand about the intersecting issues of race as they play out in our communities. It would be helpful for many of us to be more familiar with the College’s history in connection with race, racism, and the labor of enslaved peoples, and also more familiar with some of the multitude of issues intersecting with race in our society.

To address this need, a Roanoke College Teach-in on Race entitled “Education for Liberation” will be held over Zoom throughout the day on both Wednesday, August 12th and Thursday, August 13th. All speakers are RC employees who have graciously agreed to participate. At the end of each session will be a Q&A. We encourage live participation although recordings of all sessions will be available later with an RC login.

The purpose of this event is to educate ourselves in the interest of better serving our students, the College, and our communities, and we invite all faculty and staff to join us. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Wed, Aug. 12th

9:20 am -- Opening Remarks -- Dean Smith

9:30 am -- Race at Roanoke College -- Bucher and Miller

10:45 am -- Race as Construct and Human Rights Implications -- Morris and Rubongoya

1:00 pm -- Race and Inequality --Schorpp and Mehrotra

2:15 pm -- Race and Criminal Justice -- Richardson and Ball

3:30 pm -- Black Lives Matter and Social Movements -- Berntson and Heller

Thur, Aug. 13th

9:20 am -- Opening Remarks -- President Maxey

9:30 am -- What Have We Done/What Are We Doing? -- Saunders and Willingham

10:45 am -- Race and Higher Education -- Hoffman and Carter

1:00 pm -- Race in the Roanoke Valley -- Rosenthal and Penn

2:15 pm -- Race and Religion -- Trexler and Hinlicky

3:30 pm -- Race in Literature and Art -- Mallavarapu and Sienkewicz

Each session will be 1 hour in length including Q&A. 15 min breaks between sessions. You may join in at any time. We encourage live participation but recordings will be made available to the RC community.

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Meeting ID: 985 7074 4003